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Security systems

Access control

This system is based on finger print scanning and proximity cards devices reader linked directly to the networks servers to control the access though the building entrances. In addition to its security feature, it can be used in recording attendance in office buildings.

Direct Alarm System

Direct alarm system will broadcast any threat from the site.

The direct alarm system will send signal to the building security, civil defense and police.

The system also archives all actions.

Wireless solutions

Wireless solutions

Wireless solutions bridges the gaps in end-to-end wireless network solutions with its wireless network component solutions and complete end-to-end network solutions for select wireless markets whose interconnections between nodes are implemented without the use of wires

Smart Tech Wireless Solutions; offers a wide variety of wireless network components and solutions for service providers, businesses, integrators, resellers and consumers

Wireless technology may supplement or replace hard wired implementations in security systems for homes or office buildings

Wireless Call System

Our wireless systems are designed to support both internal and external sound systems allowing free & easy movement and control.

Stable signal coverage of the targeted areas with an average range of 100 sq m can be easily achieved. Multi wireless zones with unlimited extension capabilities are also possible.

Multimedia systems

Outdoor Sound System

The system was designed to cover open spaces and wide areas indoors and outdoors. The system can broadcast sound from multi-sources simultaneously.

Indoor Sound System

Our indoor systems are custom designed for closed spaces. It transmits high quality audio and can be easily linked to the outdoor sound system.

Information system


The direct connection through the building network will enable the residents to order and display the products/services of various providers electronically through the E-commercial Pages. Thanks to the easy expansion of our network there is no limit to connecting any number of service providers.

Monitoring Activities

This enables building residents to look at pre-designed areas directly in live mode.


Optical Fiber

Optical fiber can be used as the medium of Telecommunication, networking and to transmit telephone signals, Internet communication, and cable television signals because it is flexible. To create a network within an office building, fiber optic cabling can be used to save space in cable ducts. This is because a single fiber can often carry much more data than many electrical cables, such as 4 pair Cat-5 Ethernet cabling

Building management systems

Building Management System

All output and input of the system is controlled and processed by the building’s central computer & all rules and strategies are applied by the central computer.

Recording visitors

In the reception area, fast scanners are linked to the building monitoring system to perform two tasks:

Record visitors’ data electronically by scanning identity cards, business cards, labor cards or driving license and creating reports.

Video connection between reception and building units to inform them about visitors and enabling them to converse live with visitors.